Free spirit


Modern barock inredning


Jag har en grej för barock stilen.
Inte för mycket men detaljer kring huset piffar upp allt nytt och modernt.

Inspiration till framtida badrum.

Bild från

Let the light guide you home


Middag i Paris. Deras favorit ingrediens, Ägg.
Fotograf: Amelie Sandell

I have seen the world


Fotograf : Amelie Sandell
Redigering : Amelie Sandell

Tivoli Köpenhamn.

New in

Kategori: Mode

        Svart turtle neck klänning

Svarta klassiska högklackade pumps

          Svarta pumps

                Vit kavaj/jacka med volang

                    Moss grön klänning

                  Grön blus med volang

           Leopard mönstrad skjorta

This is what makes us girls

Kategori: Konst

"We dont believe in heaven.
Everyone think that we wont make it alive.
We put love first, something we could die for.
Dont cry about it, this is a curse.

This is what makes us girls.
Strenght, Beauty and Intelligence.

It is so easy to say, never let a man step on you.
You are a true queen and you are only fit for a king.
It is never easy.

You are young, your life should be full of happiness.
Why make your soul feel like 80 when you are so young.
Embrace life and love everything and everyone you meet.

Life is beautiful.
You are beautiful."

Its time to fly

Kategori: Konst

"Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring  rain
You like your girls insane
So, choose your last words
This is the  last time
'Cause you and I, we were born to die"